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About Us

About Us

here: Ocean Valley is an EU registered Trademark, operated by IMI International Limited. Our Company headquarters are based in London, United Kingdom. Ocean Valley produces an array of drinks featuring Malt beverages (non-alcoholic), Fruit Juices, Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic), Energy Drinks and Milk Drinks very much in line with today’s consumer needs. Developing unique marketing concepts Ocean Valley products are fine-tuned and on trend. We work closely with our partners to produce products with an extremely high level of service throughout, from production, packaging and dispatching of goods. In 2009, Ocean Valley extended its product portfolio and has to date achieved and established itself in many markets globally.

The quality of Ocean Valley drinks is achieved through a combination of traditional skills, hygienic mixing of ingredients and the use of modern technologies. All our drinks come in a variety of different packaging formats adapting to different market needs. We are proud to say that Ocean Valley’s ingredients have an ideal combination of essential nutrients in a delicious and satisfying drink’s that allows the body to function at optimum efficiency. The healthy and nutritious ingredients culminate to create excellent re-hydrating drinks containing protein supplements to help replace vital nutrients expended through daily activities.

Our mission is to provide our new and existing customers with products that meet our very high standards without compromising on quality and service to exceed the scrutiny of global measure and to satisfy the growing needs of today’s consumer. We are driven by the trends our markets dictate.